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So I wanted to just check over my collection of all 5SOS songs and had to hunt all over the interwebs for a list. To make it easier for the future fam, I thought of making this little directory. I’m only including their originals though, you might want to look at their youtube channel for covers…

"Hey Bitchtits"

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I like to pretend that rejects is like that badass song that perfectly describes me but in reality I’m a straight A student that listens to the teacher and doesnt like failing tests and follows the rules and like puppies and kittens and spends most of her time reblogging four idiots on this website.

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Ships, Rates, and Tweets!


ayy so my friend Raquel (aka assston) entered a contest to tour with 5sos but she’s in 17th place and that makes me hella sad cause I really want her to win (she deserves it soo much guys and it would make her so happy)- soo all you have to do is:

Vote for Raquel to tour with 5sos


not okay.

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